Who are DIHS

The fouders of DIHS

vlnr Giovanni, Wim en Artie

Wim Drijvers: owner of Hempclinic Roermond. Wim started as founder and owner of Weedz AG: one of the largest CBD manufactures in Europe. After this Wim joined Hempclinic & Dutch International Health Services (DIHS) and thanks to the 7 languages ​​that he speaks fluently, he is the driving force behind Dutch International Health Services and he knows everything about the possibilities of CBD.

Giovanni van Eijk: After his university studies and career at the Utrecht Medical Center, Giovanni has the empathic ability has made him a patient favorite. With his medical background and the drive to approach problems scientifically, Giovanni does not sell words but offers solutions. His knowledge of Multi Level Marketing is a great boost for anyone who wants to join DIHS and needs help with the customer approach via the internet.

Artie de Lange: After a career in chemistry, he was one of the first private biochemical laboratories that specialized in phytotherapy and hemp in particular. Thanks to quality research in the market of CBD suppliers, he has made the market more transparent and reliable. At DIHS, Artie is responsible for product development and technical support. He gives with great pleasure and dedication lectures on the use of Cannabinoids with all (im) possibilities