Arties CannaActive: The edge of technology by DIHS

Arties CannaActive is an CBD liquid who is more active in the body compared to the traditional oil. It has been devoloped by Artie de Lange.Because the name CannaActive cannot be protected and therefore can not be claimed, there ar several versions in circulation.

Why is the absorbing in the body better by Arties CannaActive?

CBD is absorbed in the mouth. CBD is originally a large fat drop that is broken down by enzymes in the saliva. If the CBD-part is small enough, it enters the bloodstream and with that it is in your “system”. If you swallow CBD, it is 80% broken down in the stomach by the stomach acid.

The amount of enzymes, the stay in the mouth and the particle size of the CBD contribute to the absorption rate of CBD.

By reducing the particles of CBD in our laboratory (in vitro) without changing the properties, CBD is absorbed into the body faster.

CannaActive van Arties is unique and stands for quality

Because the name CannaActive cannot be protected, there are several companies that use the name. However, there are major differences.

We see that regular oil may or may not be mixed with other supplements and is then called CannaActive. This is detrimental to the image of the CBD-industry, however.

We guarantee that you will notice a significant difference to 3 times intake compared to traditional oil. If not, a refund scheme applies.

The difference betweem watersoluble and Arties CannaActive

As you can see in this movie, Arties CannaActive is water soluble. This does not mean that every water-soluble medium is Arties CannaActive. Arties CannaActive is soluble in water because the particles of CBD are so small that they remain in solution in water. The smaller the particles, the better the solubility. You can also dissolve oil with the help of emulsifiers. Just put traditional oil in water with a little soap and it will dissolve.

You can clearly recognize Arties CannaActive by its pleasant taste and smell, which is so unique that it cannot be described in words.

A quick test everybody can do.

With backlighting you can clearly see the bioavailability of a liquid to be taken.

If the light is let through, it means that the liquid contains such small parts that it is also directly absorbed into the body.

This makes Arties CannaActive faster and more complete.

Anyone can do this test and everyone can understand it.

The required dose of Arties CannaActive needed.

Arties CannaActive has different strengths. Depending on the complaints and the person (or animal), an estimate is made of how much someone needs. The dose is certainly adjusted at the start of treatment. Because of the possibility that problems are masked by Arties CannaActive, we advise you to stop using Arties CannaActive at least once every two weeks for one day. You will notice whether the complaints still exist. Your body will not becoming “lazy” (after all, you supply your body’s own cannabinoids that you also make yourself).

Dissolve in food or liquids

Because Arties CannaActive dissolves in water and is quickly absorbed in the mouth, you can also dissolve it in food. The best absorption remains by taking the drops directly in the mouth. However, if the taste or the experience with drops is not desired, you can dissolve it.


Customers can choose to include a package insert. This is the recommendation. We are happy to provide a cross for this leaflet. In this we answer the most frequently asked questions and we remove doubts.

Because Arties CannaActive is so much more effective compared to a traditional oil, a leaflet is important because the effect of Arties CannaActive can be so much greater.

What tells the package leaflet:

  • What is hemp and what are the ingredients,
  •   What is cannabis used for,
  •   How do you use cannabis liquid,
  •   When do we advise against using cannabis and what should you pay attention to,
  •   What are the possible side effects,
  •   The possible interaction with other drugs,
  •   How to store cannabis liquid.

Benefits in a row from Arties CannaActive

  •    The fastest recording
  •    The best taste
  •    Pleasant to use
  •    The best result
  •    Professional support